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Who we are:

The Citizen Air Monitoring Network – Vallejo (VCAMN) started in September of 2016. We started our effort in response to the Phillips 66 Oil Spill incident in Rodeo that sent more than 100 people to the emergency rooms in Vallejo.

VCAMN has 15 volunteers who meet regularly. We also have a Facebook group with over 400 active members.

VCAMN established more than 25 air monitoring sites around Vallejo to date. These air monitors provide real-time measurement of particulate matter (PM) as indicators of air quality. PM carries a strong connection to heart and lung diseases, including asthma and lung cancer.

As an independent entity for approximately four years, we have an important presence in the community. We serve as the air monitoring community experts. We are present at community events. We foster civic engagement. We are creating an active social network focused on air monitoring. And we collaborate with others to educate the community on air quality. Ultimately, our goals focus on the health of the community. We are helping to identify and characterize local air pollution. We are raising community awareness on air quality and health. We are strengthening the ability of the community to respond to air pollution. Together, we are improving public health protection to address community needs.

What we do:

VCAMN monitors local air quality and educates citizens about topics related to air quality in Vallejo. We have regular monthly meetings to discuss monitoring and ways to reach community members. We respond to community concerns about air quality. We collaborate with neighboring communities and relevant organizations. We share information from meetings with state and local agencies. And we respond to grant opportunities to support our efforts.