The Vallejo Citizens Air Monitoring Network (CAMN) is pleased to announce the launch of its Clean Air Ambassador Program.

The Program will provide funding and training to empower, mentor, and activate community leaders in Vallejo to take action for clean, healthy, and breathable air. Poor air quality from traffic, industry, refineries, and wildfires is a constant factor in environmental injustice and is linked to health issues, such as asthma, heart disease, and cancer.

We are now recruiting for 2022-2023 Clean Air Ambassadors, and strongly encourage local community leaders who are interested in health, clean air, and/or leadership development to apply. See below for more information and an application.  

Eligible applicants include Vallejo residents, community leaders, faith groups, youth leaders older than 16, school leaders or school district staff, family members, and others committed to leadership development and clean air. Ambassadors will go through a training program and will receive up to $1,000 upon completion of coursework and outreach activities. 

CAMN will build on its work to bring a network of air monitors to Vallejo through the cultivation of Ambassadors who will be able to speak about the importance of clean air and advocacy in their own communities. In addition, CAMN has partnered with a number of experts in air monitoring, public health, community advocacy, and capacity building, including University of California at Davis, Touro University, and Calm Waters Group. 

By bringing in local experts, CAMN will work to provide training on air pollution and health; air pollution monitoring; leadership and advocacy; green jobs; and outreach and engagement. CAMN has a strong history of serving as a voice for the community against air pollution from industry.  

Next Steps: