Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Vallejo Clean Air Ambassador Program?

Citizen Air Monitoring Network – Vallejo (CAMN) is launching a Clean Air Ambassador program to activate, educate and provide positive reinforcement for community members to take action and engage in activities that improve indoor and outdoor air quality. 

The Clean Air Ambassador Program is a community engagement and leadership development opportunity for Vallejo. Clean Air Ambassadors will be able to share stories and information about air pollution to help the community learn about the sources, health impacts, and solutions to air pollution issues. In addition, through training and mentorship, Clean Air Ambassadors will be empowered to take action in their community towards improved air quality leading to improved community health.

This Program will build the capacity of the community through a train-the-trainer model in developing bilingual education and outreach materials, creating a playful yet competitive environment for learning about air pollution and clean air solutions, and amplifying the ability of citizens to participate in the air pollution mitigation process.

Ambassadors will receive stipends, mentoring, and peer-to-peer mentoring. In addition, some Ambassadors who have completed the Program will receive paid internships with the CAMN to implement the Program in their neighborhoods through training and outreach focused on improving community awareness of air pollution, building capacity for future Ambassador cohorts and CAMN, and identifying key air pollution concerns.

During 2022-2023 the Ambassador Program plans to recruit up to 15 community leaders to complete a training program to understand, improve, and effectively communicate about air pollution in their communities. Ambassadors will help improve air quality throughout Vallejo with their actions.  

Training may cover, but is not limited to:

  • Protecting you and your family’s health
  • Where air pollution and odors in your community come from
  • How to measure and track air pollution
  • Solutions to indoor and outdoor air pollution (e.g., build a DIY air filter)
  • How to advocate for cleaner air 
  • Outreach and leadership skills (e.g., hazardous waste days)
  • Exposure to green jobs to protect health and the environment
  • Creating an air pollution improvement plan or campaign for neighborhood

Why are we starting this Program?

Poor air quality is linked to health issues like asthma and heart disease. Air pollution travels from far away to us, including Phillips 66 refinery, NuStar Tank Farm, Selby Toxic Slag, I-80, and heavy industries on Mare Island. Additionally, as a central point for traffic from the east bay, north bay, and to Sacramento, the air pollution burdens from traffic are high. These impacts will form the basis of our science-based Ambassador program, and when integrated with our air monitoring program will form the basis for informed advocacy and engagement by environmental justice communities in Vallejo.  

Who should apply?

The following community members are encouraged to apply. Any current Vallejo resident is eligible. 

  • Community residents, community leaders, and/or faith groups
  • Youth leaders, 16 years of age and up
  • School or school district staff, school leaders, parents, grandparents and/or caregivers
  • Others committed to leadership development and clean air

When does the program run?

The Program will run for 6 months beginning mid-Fall 2022, including 4 in-person workshops in Vallejo, tabling, outreach, and an independent project. In addition, a small group of Ambassadors may be able to continue as fellows following the Program. 

What do I need to commit to?

The Program aims to ensure community members have the skills and knowledge to lead in taking action on air pollution and climate change. Ambassadors will develop projects designed to drive change within Vallejo and beyond, and gain a diverse set of skills related to indoor and outdoor air quality improvements, advocacy, and science. 

What do I get out of it?

Community members will develop projects to drive change within Vallejo and beyond, and gain skills related to air quality improvements, advocacy, and science.

Compensation: To receive compensation, successful Ambassadors will have to participate in all the trainings above actively.

Ambassadors will receive payment as components are completed.

The amount will be prorated if Ambassadors can only complete part of the Program.

How will Ambassadors be selected? And timeline.

Ambassadors are required to be current residents of Vallejo. Preference will be given to applicants who reflect the population in the Vallejo community.

Final Ambassador Selection will be conducted on a rolling basis through mid-September 2022 by the Selection Committee.

Additional evaluation criteria and weighting include motivation and passion, interest in environmental and health issues, and interest and background in serving in a leadership role in the community. 

Applicants will be notified by mid-September, and the Program will begin in late September.

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