California Air Resources Board Community Air Grants Project:

California Air Resources Board Community Air Grants Project:

This project has five aims. The first aim is to increase understanding of community needs around air quality and health. Community outreach is a central part of this aim. The second aim is to gather community feedback on challenges to understanding air pollution and environmental issues. Third is to empower communities within Vallejo to participate in decisions to fight air pollution and improve air quality. Fourth is to encourage learning about how and “green infrastructure” can provide solutions. Green infrastructure includes things like how we use local resources to support healthy air and other environmental improvements. Finally, the fifth aim is to forge alliances with sister groups to ready the community for future work. And given the diversity of the communities in Vallejo, we believe progress on these goals must include as many diverse voices as possible to be part of the dialogue and solutions to go forward successfully. As such, inclusivity is a foundation to all of our project goals.

The core team for this project includes:

Dr. Trina Mackie
Dr. Nancy Piotrowski
Gabriela Estrada
Ken Szutu

Other community groups that provide support for this project:

Fighting Back Partnership

Sustainable Solano